Tuning Into Abundance

Green Leaves

Tall TreesI went for a walk today...and as I passed by a neighbor's house, I noticed that some of the plants in their yard had grown new leaves. The leaves were a very beautiful bright green color and just glistened in the sunlight.

As I continued my walk I began to notice all the variety of pretty flowers in bloom. I even took note of these tall trees that I never saw before.

With the spring season already here, you probably have noticed signs of new growth too.

It made me think about the abundance that comes into our lives. It shows up in little ways at first, but the more we focus on this goodness, the more we start to notice all the other abundance around us.

Spring BloomsMaybe you find a quarter on the ground, a retail clerk gives you an unexpected discount, or better yet, you are offered the "perfect" business opportunity. This abundance can be in the form of money, however, it can come in many other ways too.

I like this idea of documenting all the good things I've noticed, so over the next week I will post everyday and share my adventures in attracting more abundance :) Hopefully it will inspire you to keep your own abundance journal and be more aware of all the abundance around you.

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