What You Focus On Expands

This past week I've had people visit this blog after doing a search for "How do I attract money when I'm focused on debt?" After years of studying the Law of Attraction and listening to Abraham-Hicks, what I've learned boils down to five words:

What you focus on expands.

If you want more money in your life, but you're focused on debt, then guess what? You're going to attract more debt. There's no way that you can be more abundant when you're giving off vibes of lack.

Instead of stressing out about how you're going to pay your bills, focus and be grateful for what you do have. I know, it's easier said than done. When you've been conditioned so long to feel and think a certain way, it can be a challenge to break that habit. It becomes even a greater challenge when you watch the news and hear about all the doom and gloom of the financial markets and how the price of gas keeps increasing. Then you have friends and family who complain about money being "tight".

Focusing on what you do want versus what you don't want takes discipline. It's a matter of being aware of how you're feeling when the subject of money comes up. If you're feeling frustrated or down, then you have to begin thinking better-feeling thoughts. Also, when people around you are talking about their "struggles" with money, that's the time to change the subject or excuse yourself from the conversation.

In essence, you're going to have to reprogram your mind. For years the broken record that's been playing, "I have no money" has to be thrown away and replaced with a shiny new record that says, "I am abundant and prosperous. Money flows to me easily and effortlessly."

For more thoughts on this subject, including things I've done to create an abundance mindset, I recommend reading a past post: Don't Eliminate Your Debt, Attract Abundance. You may also want to check out my recently updated Squidoo lens: How to Attract Money.

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