How a Desire Statement Can Change Your Life

Writing Down Desires
Recently I started watching Robert Evan's Habit of Attraction video series where he expands on the topic of Law of Attraction and shares his own unique techniques for manifesting desires.

I like Robert's idea of "building up your manifesting muscle" and creating confidence in your abilities to attract what you want in life. It does take consistent practice! One of the problems that people face when they want to manifest something is that they're not consistent when it comes to implementing what they've learned.

The second video is great for it teaches you how to write a Desire Statement, which is a super-charged affirmation focused on attracting a specific desire into your life.

Usually Robert requires you to opt-in (give your name and email) to watch this video but he agreed to let me give you a direct link to the video without having to opt-in.

This is a golden opportunity to check out what Robert has to offer before deciding if you want more.

Click here to learn how to write a Desire Statement...

Watching this video gave me good vibrations! I think you'll feel really inspired by it too.

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Lynne Quintana said...

Such a great insights.. Writing/visualizing what you desire is a great step towards achieving it. :)


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