Want More Money and Abundance? Go On Holiday!

Beach Holiday

I noticed an interesting trend that occurred in my life this past year. Whenever I went on holiday, I would attract more money and abundance to me. It didn’t really sink in until recently when I was on a five day mini-holiday and suddenly I had an inflow of projects and money all at once. That’s when I decided that I was going to go on more holidays this year – especially all inclusive holidays!

Think about the last time you went on holiday. I bet you were just relaxed and having a good time, right?

No care in the world…just going with the flow…

When you allow your mind and body to relax, you allow the flow of energy to come to you more freely. If you had all the money in the world in your bank account right now, you would feel relaxed and happy. It’s that same feeling you experience when you’re on holiday. All you’re thinking about is having a good time, where to eat, and exciting places and sites to see.

This is actually how you could approach everyday life. Wake up excited about what’s to come and always anticipate a relaxed, fun day. Don’t get bogged down by all those To Do’s and Have To’s, which often happens. Approach your work with a light-hearted attitude and just stay in the moment!

I wish I could go on holiday every day of the year, but then nothing would get done! However, I can get into that same feeling of relaxation through visualization exercises. I haven’t been consistent with this, but I’m going to create a habit of visualizing myself at the beach every morning after I wake up. (I actually will be experiencing this when I go on holiday to Hawaii and then Miami, Florida next month! )

Have you ever gone on holiday and attracted more money and abundance during that time? I’d love to hear your story!

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Lifeprosperityplan.com said...

I totally agreed with your idea that abundance flows freely when we are on holiday. I was spending a wonderful 2 weeks holiday in chamonix and paris early this year and I was surprised to come home and find that the income from my business was unexpectedly higher than the normal average. I guess you were right when you said that when you just let go and be free abundance flows freely too. Great post and thanks for sharing.

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