Increase Your Gratitude

Today I came across this quote from the creator of The Secret movie, Rhonda Byrne, that I want to share:
All manifestation happens because of your frequency. If something you want is not appearing, you have to change your frequency. Every time you're grateful, in that moment, you've changed your frequency. So to speed up manifestation, increase your gratitude. Not here yet? Increase your gratitude. Hasn't manifested? Increase your gratitude even more. Got it?

What are the things that you can be grateful for today?


A roof over your head...

The ability to walk...

Today I am grateful that I have a computer so that I can help spread these types of messages and uplift people. I am also grateful for a healthy body and having so many choices of food to eat. I feel truly blessed!

In the quote above, Rhonda Byrne refers to this idea of "frequency". Know that your thoughts and physical body are made of energy vibrating at a certain frequency. When you're positive, the frequency is much higher than when you feel negative. So, when your frequency is high, you feel more energized and alive. You feel good, right? That good energy begins to attract the same type of energy in other things and people.

Affirmation: I know that when I wake up in the morning and thank God for another beautiful day in paradise, my day starts off great. I focus on the positive aspects and attract more good things.

Resource of Interest: The Awakening Course: Attracting Wealth, Health, Happiness and Love - Dr. Joe Vitale, star of the hit movie "The Secret," has taken the law of attraction up to a whole other level, providing practical step by step applications to help you create the life of your dreams!

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