Wealth and Abundance Come in Many Forms

Papohaku Beach on Moloka'i, Hawaii
Photo taken during my vacation to the island of Moloka'i in Hawaii

I was cleaning my desk today and came across a chapter I had printed out from Bud Bilanchi's book, Straight Talk for Success. The chapter is titled "Build Strong Relationships" which starts off with a quote from Jeffrey Gitomer:
"Everyone wants to be rich. Although most people think being rich is about having money, rich is a description for everything but money. Rich relationships lead to much more than money. They lead to success, fulfillment and wealth."
I think this is a quote that every child should learn...and some adults too!

When we think of wealth and luxury, many of us automatically picture millions in the bank, exotic sports cars, and mansions. Although that is a form of wealth, being "rich" is so much more than that. Wealth and abundance can flow through many ways. Jeffrey Gitomer nailed it right on the head when he said that "Rich relationships lead to much more than money".

I've been blessed with many friends. As a military brat growing up, I've traveled to a myriad of places and met so people. Thank God for Facebook because now I'm able to keep in touch with all of these people. There are people who I've known since childhood growing up in Lemoore, a small town in Central California. One friend in particular I've known since the 3rd grade.

Carrie (name changed for privacy) and I have been friends for about 30 years and have kept in constant contact even when we've lived thousands of miles and continents apart. We've often joked about being roommates when we're old like the ladies from that 80's show, "Golden Girls". Although I'm sure we've gotten on each other's nerves, we've never had any arguments or fights during our friendship. Could you say that no amount of money could replace that type of relationship?

So, this year I told myself that I was going to not work so much and do more traveling. An opportunity opened up for me to go to Hawaii last month and house sit for a friend that I had met through a company we both blogged for. Although that company has ceased operations, we kept in touch and built a relationship through our blogs and Facebook.

When I told my friend Carrie about going to Hawaii, she offered to add me to her "Enrolled Friend" list. You see, she's a flight attendant for a major airline. As her "Enrolled Friend" I can fly anywhere practically for free. I get this privilege for 1 year...I used it to not only travel to Hawaii, but I went to Miami for vacation as well. I even had the chance to experience traveling in First Class for some of those flights.

When I tell people I've met during my travels about my vacation, they ask me, "Do you even work? What do you do?"

There's a saying in the U.S. that goes something like, "It's not what you do, it's who you know." In my case, it has been about who I know and have created relationships with. However, it's also about Law of Attraction and sowing positive seeds in those relationships. I wanted to travel more and The Universe made it happen!

This is just one example of how you can be rich without having tons of money in the bank. Wealth and abundance comes in many forms. Being rich can come through long-lasting friendships, gifts, wisdom and knowledge, a healthy body, or even simple acts of kindness.

What makes you feel rich?

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