Stay Open to the Possibilities of Attracting Money

If there’s anything I’ve learned during this journey of attracting money and abundance is that money can come from unexpected sources -- that is, if I stay open to all the possibilities of it flowing into my life. If you're so focused on just one source of income like money from employment or some kind of monthly check, and you believe that’s all the money you’ll have, then you’ve closed yourself off to receiving money from other sources.

When I was working a 9-5 job, I would budget my bills and expenses around the money from that job. I knew I would get paid every two weeks and the amount was more or less the same every pay period. At the time I believed that was my only source of income, so in essence, that’s the only money I ever received. It was a rare occasion that I received money unexpectedly. I realize now it was because I wasn’t open to all the different possibilities of receiving money.

But now that I understand the Law of Attraction and the power of thought, I am able to attract unexpected money. It’s as simple as affirming to yourself: “I am open to receiving money from unexpected sources” and visualizing the experience of receiving that money. Then start thinking about all the multitude of possibilities that money can flow into your life...Maybe you could find $250 on the ground (happened to me!), maybe you receive an inheritance from a long-lost relative, maybe you’re entitled to a ppi reclaim if you live in the UK, or maybe you receive an unexpected check in the mail for some kind of corporate class-action lawsuit (happened to me!).

The key idea here is to just stay open to the possibilities. Use your imagination and get into that feel-good place...and watch all the money that you’ll begin to attract to you!

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