Medtech College Reviews: Synchronicity in Action

As I spend more time studying and living the Law of Attraction, I’ve been noticing more and more the synchronicities that are appearing in my life. I don’t believe there are such things as “coincidences”, but that you attract things and circumstances in your life through your thoughts and purposeful actions, or what quantum physicists may call “being on the same frequency or energy wavelength”. Apparently I’ve been on the same frequency as healthcare career education and Medtech College reviews. Here is an example of synchronicity that happened in my life recently...

I’ve been doing writing work for a client who works within the health care and medical services industry. As part of my ongoing work, I have to write about the state of the health care system in the U.S. as well as provide health care information and resources. All this work that I’ve been doing for my client has spurred a great deal of ideas and a passion for creating a better health care system and sharing tips with medical professionals on how to provide quality care.

One of the main thoughts that has come to mind is the improvement of health care education for those who are interested in working in the medical field. The more I thought about it, the more I believe that focusing on training people properly and teaching them interpersonal skills would improve the quality of health care and ultimately drive medical costs down.

Ever since I’ve had these ideas, with very little effort on my part I’ve been coming across a variety of resources including the Medtech College website and their student reviews. Someone will email me with a resource or I’ll come across the perfect article to share while hanging out on Facebook or Twitter. If you “just happened” to come across this article searching for college reviews (See! Synchronicity does work, right?) and are interested in a medical career, you can check out the Medtech College Facebook page or Medtech College Twitter profile for more information about this college.

Because I have been so passionate about this topic, it has shown in my writing. My client just hired me to do more work for him, which would increase my monthly income. As you can see, when you’re passionate about something, The Universe works in your favor to bring the resources and abundance without you having to “struggle” or “work hard”. It all comes together through synchronistic events.

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