Overcome Negative Thoughts and Feelings in 5 Minutes

As much as I love to be happy and inspire people to live more blissful lives, I admit that I'm not exactly "perfect" in this area. I can say that I am happy about 98% of the time, but once in a blue moon negative thoughts and feelings will creep up. However, I'm grateful to now have the awareness of these negative feelings and can stop them in their tracks with tools I've learned these past few years.

The problem I had before was that I would allow these negative thoughts and feelings spiral out of control. And even if I thought I was "over it", they still lingered in the back of my mind whispering to me every now and then.

The other day I had a little episode of negative thoughts. I was tired, feeling overwhelmed, and just very emotional. I realized I was playing this broken record in my head and these thoughts just would not stop. I knew that if I didn't zap out these feelings right then and there, I would begin to attract more of these thoughts and feelings.

So I laid down on the couch and played a video on YouTube called "Full Chakra Restoration Cleansing"...

There are many videos like this on YouTube that can help clear out that negative energy in the body. If you're not familiar with chakras, here's a full explanation of what chakras are.

Sometimes it takes watching a few of these videos to help clear out the negative energy, depending on how strong the feelings are. I also highly recommend trying out EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for stress relief.

I know that these techniques may be a little bit out of your comfort zone for some of you. If you try these with an open mind, I'm pretty sure you'll be pleasantly surprised!

What practices or techniques do you use to get rid of negative thoughts and feelings?

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