Getting Out of the Financial Comfort Zone

Are you in a financial comfort zone?

I was reading an article by Steve Pavlina, How to Raise Your Financial Vibration, and I realized that my financial situation has been pretty stagnant. Yes, my income has increased compared to last year, but I've gotten into this comfort zone in which my productivity has been more or less the same, if not declining. I've been pretty happy where I am at the moment as far as my health, relationships, and place of residence, but when I find myself getting close to that tipping point of increasing my abundance even more, I start to feel overwhelmed and get these mental blocks and thoughts that It's going to be too much work.

For example, for quite a few years now I've been wanting to do workshops to teach people how to start their own online business. Well, in the past couple months The Universe has brought to me the people and resources to make this happen. I've had this real strong desire to help people become free from jobs that they hate and be their own boss doing something they love. It's a goal that I've personally achieved, and I feel compelled to help others in this way.

Last week I began to put my plan of hosting these workshops into motion by creating an outline for the workshop, contacting the person in charge at the facility where the workshops will be held, and I even took a workshop on public speaking so that I can be more comfortable in front of a group of people. Up until now I've only facilitated two workshops on social media with small groups, but I anticipate that this workshop about starting an online business will attract even bigger groups.

The more I think about facilitating these workshops, the more excited I get. However, at the same time I feel comfortable where I am at the moment. The part of my mind that wants to keep me in this financial comfort zone is saying that putting together these workshops will require a great deal of output in the beginning in terms of time and energy...and is this something that I really want?

So now I'm at this point of taking inspired action, but now it's just a matter of erasing the limiting beliefs that try to keep me in that comfort zone. My limiting belief is that it's going to be too much work for me to put on these workshops. In actuality, I've already done most of the work and have all the content put together. It's just a matter of putting into presentation form.

I'm thinking now as I type this that if it is truly inspired action, then I shouldn't let those thoughts stop me. What I'm also realizing now is that I now have the capacity to identify these limiting thoughts and know that I can eliminate them through techniques such as EFT and begin to affirm more positive thoughts, which I've been working on for the past week.

How many of you are in this same financial comfort zone? You want to take that next step towards achieving more abundance and wealth in your life, but doubts and fears pop up? What do you do to eliminate limiting beliefs?

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