When "Bad" Things Happen

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A couple things I’ve been reminded of lately is that you have to be careful what you ask for and that what we perceive to be “bad” actually may be blessings in disguise..

For the past few months I’ve been real busy with clients. Doing the work that needed to be done for them took up the bulk of my day. To be honest, the work was burning me out. All I kept thinking about was wanting to grow my own blogs and if I only had the time to write more on this blog.

Then *bam*...One of my clients said that he didn’t want to use my services anymore. Another client wanted me to stop writing press releases for him and just focus on social media, which meant less money for me monthly.

I was upset for about a day, but then I realized that this is what I wanted. The Universe made more time for me to focus on what I really wanted which was to grow my blog network. It didn’t quite happen exactly the way I wanted, but then I wasn’t exactly clear about what I wanted. I did wish to have more ad revenue coming in from my blogs before I cut ties with my clients, but I didn’t ask for that. I guess I assumed The Universe would know that :)

What I was projecting out was frustration because I didn’t have the time to do everything I wanted to do. I wanted more time and freedom from clients’ deadlines, but most of all, I just wanted a break - and that’s what I got.

I’m grateful to be conscious of what happened and have the ability to look at the situation with a positive outlook. If this had happened to me 7 years ago, I would have panicked and began worrying about where money was going to come from. Now I just look at it as The Universe making a way for bigger and better opportunities to come along. I’ve also had the chance to really get clear about the next chapter of my life and what I truly feel passionate about.

When so-called "bad" things happen in your life, how do you react to them? Maybe it’s The Universe actually working to give you something that you want, but you haven’t seen the bigger picture yet.

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