Advanced Manifestation Technique From Joe Vitale

Don't you like to reminisce about when you accomplished a big goal and how good it felt?

I remember 8 years ago (My, how time flies!) sitting in the library writing an article and thinking how awesome it would be if I could work from home as a writer. Two years later I was doing just that. It felt so nice to be able to work from anywhere and sleep in everyday!

I don't remember all the details, but I do remember visiting my parents and being on their computer just browsing the internet. I came across this website that was looking for bloggers. I applied to be a blogger...and the rest is history...

That memory is a reality for me. I've physically lived it. I am now a writer and living that dream.

So what if I could use this same "remembering" process to manifest another big goal?

This is what I learned from Joe Vitale in one of his videos...

One of the ideas that I'm still trying to get my mind wrapped around is this notion that the past, present, and future have already happened or is happening now. It's the same for parallel universes - I understand it, but I don't understand it. The idea that there is another me out there in the cosmos living the life that I've been dreaming about in my present mind.

I do like the idea of "remembering" as opposed to "wanting" or "intending". It doesn't feel overwhelming. It also cuts out those fears and doubts. When I'm remembering, I feel blissful. It feels like it's already happened...because, in essence, it has!

As I'm writing this, it dawned on me that I already touched upon this subject early last year and even mentioned Joe's blog post on this subject. Well, I guess this is The Universe's way of providing me with a refresher course because lately I've been thinking about my goals and feeling a little lost about what to do.

It feels good knowing - or remembering - that I have already accomplished those goals!

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