Tell A Child Your Dream

Kids have a wonderful imagination. There are no limits for them - unless an adult has brainwashed them into thinking there are. That's why I love to spend time with kids whenever I can.

The other day while watching my friend's little girl, Sydney, I took out a Dream Home magazine and started flipping through it. She sat beside me as I was looking at it and asked why I was looking at these pictures of homes. So I told her that when I win the lottery or came across alot of money, I could buy my dream home.

Sydney became fascinated with these multi-million dollar homes, especially the ones with the home theaters...

"Why do you want one of these mansions?" she asked.

"I like to be in big, open spaces and have room to do all the creative things I like to do," I replied.

"Can we live with you when you get your house?" she asked.

"Of course."

Sydney got very excited and started coming up with all kinds of ideas on what we would do in the house (throw alot of parties!) and how she could be home schooled...Her imagination was working overtime. Then she made the sign in the pictured above.

"What's that?" I asked.

"That's my sign for when you win the lottery," she exclaimed.

Whenever I see Sydney now, she asks me, "Did you win the lottery?"

I tell her, "Not yet!"

I'm glad I told Sydney my dream because she reminds me of it every time I see her.  Her enthusiasm gets me excited and my mind stays open to all the possibilities.

*What are your greatest dreams?*

Do you dream of rocketing your business profits? Having more free time to spend with family? Jetsetting around the world? Consider: What are your biggest and wildest dreams?

If you don't have a child to tell your dream to, just pretend that you're a kid again and feel that innocence and creative, enthusiastic energy flowing through your mind and body.

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