An Exercise to Stay Open to Possibilities

Wispy Clouds

"The sky's the limit!"

You've heard this phrase probably hundreds of times throughout your life, but why think in limits?

After all, isn't there stuff beyond the sky?

Isn't there a whole Universe of stuff beyond the sky?

We live in a vast Universe full of galaxies. There are billions of things out there that we have yet to discover. The possibilities are endless.

Shouldn't we think in terms of endless possibilities as well?

Do you think that the only way you can have an income is to work 40 hours a week? Maybe you depend on a small number of sources for support. Maybe you think that you need money to do the things that you want. These are limiting beliefs that are blocking your ability to attract more abundance into your life.

When I started to relax and open up to ALL the possibilities for abundance and stopped thinking in terms of limits, it was amazing how that opened up the floodgates of abundance. Money from totally unexpected sources popped up, I got free airplane travel for at least a year, and resources came that would help me take my business to the next level.

Here's one exercise that helped me expand my mind to the possibilities...

I took out a sheet of paper and started writing all the different ways that money and abundance could come to me. No matter how "crazy" or outrageous the idea was, I wrote it down.

Here are some of the things I wrote:

  • I find a suitcase full of $100 bills
  • A wealthy person donates money to my blog
  • A company wants to sponsor my trip around the world
  • Audi gives me one of their cars in appreciation for
  • Someone offers to buy one of my popular blogs
  • I win a car or house from a contest I forgot I entered
  • An angel investor wants to partner with me on my Big Project
  • I win the lottery (Who doesn't dream of this?)
  • I become a spokesperson for one of the company's I support

The big takeaway is not to get attached to this idea of requiring money to do the things you want in life.  Money is not the only currency in life.  Remember that there are concepts like bartering and "sweat equity" too.

Try out this exercise and let me know how it works for you!

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