American Healthcare: Abundance Mindset or Poverty Mindset?

The election for President of the U.S. is over (yes!), but the poverty mindset of many Americans continue.

This is an everyday reality that I'm witnessing because I have a client who works in the healthcare niche, and because I'm constantly on Twitter and Facebook keeping abreast of what people in this industry are talking about, it's been a challenge tuning out the chatter.

Healthcare has been a big topic for Americans. All the debates and politics are evidence of poverty thinking. Where's the money for healthcare going to come from? Healthcare costs for businesses will skyrocket! Etc. It seems like nobody wants to give up their money for America to be healthy. And we wonder why we have such high obesity and cancer rates...Or big corporate CEOs wonder why their employees call in sick all the time, but they won't help pay for their health insurance. After all, what's the use of having all this wealth if you can't enjoy it?

Shift From Poverty Mindset to Abundance Mindset

Instead of focusing on the money that's being "taken away", why not just have the confidence that more money will continue to flow regardless?

If you're someone who doesn't have health insurance, a poverty mindset would include worry and thoughts about being sick and not having the money if you ever needed to go to the hospital. Shift to an abundance mindset by focusing on being healthy and taking the necessary actions to stay healthy. Know with confidence that you will always be healthy and the resources will make themselves available should you have to see the doctor.

Instead of worrying about the supposedly high cost of healthcare, why not be grateful that you have such easy access to health facilities and resources?

Remember that it's about priorities and focus. Prioritize your health over money. Focus on staying healthy. You can't control what government and business will do about healthcare, but you can control what you do about your health.

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