Abundance Is an Exchange of Love

Love charm on bracelet
"When we freely give to one another, even in the smallest of ways, we build a sense of material and non-material abundance in our lives. The more we are willing to give, the more we are capable of receiving. And even if the exchange doesn’t feel fair in the moment, there is usually a lesson to be discovered. The Beatles sang it well, “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” --Erica Ekrem

The quote above comes from an interview that was published on Etsy.com. If you don't know, Etsy is a marketplace where you can buy and sell handcrafted items. It's also where my jewelry shop is parked.

The article with Erica struck a chord with me as I think about what I want to do with my jewelry business. I actually haven't put a great deal of energy into it for the past couple years, and I go through spurts of inspiration and creativity every now and then.

After reading that quote, I realized that I wasn't giving very much in that business. The love and excitement I used to feel when I created jewelry just hasn't been the same. I made jewelry just to have something to put in my shop and forgot that my mission was to help women enhance their style and beauty. The exchange between me and a buyer became a means to an end instead of an exchange of love.

All of this happened because I've been really focused on my writing.  That's where my love has gone.  But I realize that I can put love in everything I do, regardless of how much time I spend on it.  Part of it is staying in the moment and going back to square one, which is love.

If you have your own business or are in a position of service to others, do you freely give to your customers?

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