How to Manifest Money Using Subliminal Meditations

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Over the past few years I've used a variety of tools to help manifest more money into my life. One tool that I like especially is the subliminal meditation. It's easy to do and doesn't require a great deal of effort other than to just relax and listen.

These types of meditations basically use positive money affirmations that are "hidden" from the naked ear. In some meditations I've listened to, the affirmations sound like low murmurings, while in other meditations they're hidden among the sound of ocean waves or soothing nature sounds. If you're watching a subliminal video meditation, then you'll typically get these affirmations flashing quickly across the screen.

Why Subliminal Meditations Work

Subliminal meditations work because they help put your mind in an alpha state where it's more receptive to suggestions. You don't have the conscious mind in the way, which has a tendency to naysay or come up with a variety of reasons why you shouldn't do something. It's easier to listen to these meditations in the morning or at night because your mind and body are already in a more relaxed mode.

An Experiment

I recently did an experiment to see how effective subliminal meditations are at manifesting money. For one month I listened to subliminal money meditations every day or every other day before going to bed. I noticed that my income increased dramatically without any extra effort on my part, meaning I stuck with my regular work routine. I also felt more focused and organized. The next month I didn't listen to any meditations and my income wasn't nearly as much as it was the previous month.

If you're looking to try out subliminal meditations as a way to help you manifest more money, Valerie Dawson, founder of "The Dawson Method", has put together a great package of guided meditation audios, visualizations, and subliminal audios all centered around helping you manifest more money and abundance. I like that there are a variety of audios so you don't get tired of listening to one audio over and over.

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You have to remember that your mind plays a powerful role in manifesting money and abundance. Positive subliminal affirmations that are fed to your subconscious helps to rewire your brain for success.

What has been your experience with using subliminal meditations? Leave your thoughts and comments below...

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