How to Discover More Joy in Your Life

I'm working on a new book about living a more joyful life, and of course, The Universe worked magic and brought me this tweet that you see above and wanted to pass along.

I consider myself a pretty joyful person, but in writing this book, I'm realizing that I'm rewiring my mind into having a much more positive, happy mindset. It's very similar to keeping a daily journal of positive things that happen in your life. The more you focus on positivity, the more positive circumstances, situations, and people you attract. Writing this book has helped me focus on just about anything that brings joy into people's lives. Thus, I've begun to see more joy in people.

The bottom line of true joyful living, as Peggy Jenkins reminds us of, is to reconnect and be at one with The Universe. This is our ultimate Source of happiness. But how do we do that? Perhaps through meditation, prayer, or just BE-ing in the now. These things have helped for me. What about you?

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