Holographic Creation vs Visualizing

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I listened to an interview with Christopher Westra about holographic creation, which is supposed to be more powerful than visualizing for manifesting what you want in life.  I took some notes and thought I'd share what I learned...

What is holographic creation?

It is the idea of creating reality in the moment. You are creating what you want at the quantum level so that it manifests in physical reality. If you understand that time is not linear and that everything is happening at this moment right now, then it makes it easier to manifest. There is no future, which is usually our state of mind when we are visualizing. We are picturing what we want in the future as opposed to creating in the moment.

When you are focusing on what you want, it produces emotions within you, which creates vibrations - or quantum particles - that are sent out into the Universe. The higher these vibrations are, the quicker and easier your desires will manifest.

Why is holographic creation more effective than visualization?

According to Christopher Westra, there are several reasons why holographically creating what you want is better than visualizing what you want:
  • There is an intent to create incipient (“beginning to exist or appear”) matter.
  • Involves a present activity, not a future event
  • You access higher-level vibrations, which makes it easier to manifest in physical reality.
  • You invoke the power of intention and expectation.
  • You include the energy of gratitude for what you have right now.  There isn't any desperation or need-to-have attitude involved.  Everything is great right now because you already have what you want.
At the present moment my mind is still trying to wrap itself around the concept of a holographic reality. I've been reading about quantum jumping and parallel universes for awhile now, but some of it still goes over my head.  When I start to read the science behind it, my eyes glaze over, but after listening to Christopher Westra explain it and how it relates to manifesting, I can understand these ideas much easier.

What are your thoughts about holographic creation?

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