Take Action With Presence

My friend, Stephanie Quilao, posted some wise words on her Facebook page that I want to pass on...

Some wisdom for the moment: Take action...with presence.

So often, we are running around doing things, in action mode, and yet, are mindless, not present, absorbed in the physicality of the doing and accomplishing and not really being connected to the why, how, consequences or even enjoying the action itself because we get too focused on the goal, the destination instead of being present during the process, the journey.

When you become more present in your actions, you may discover that the goal you thought you wanted isn't truly the goal you do want. Presence helps you hone in and get to the core.

Be conscious and mindful. Take action with presence.

As a person who lives to check off a task on a never-ending To Do list, I so needed to read this today. I often beat myself up for not finishing the things I want to accomplish in a day, so there are days when I rush through tasks just so it can be done.

And this is the reason why I think so many people (myself included) don't manifest their goals, and if they do, they don't feel fulfilled. They're not enjoying the process. Instead of sending out good vibes, they're sending out a message of lack.

Remember that each moment of life is precious because all you have is right now. This moment. Are you fully present while reading these words on the screen? Will you take action with presence from now on?

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