How I Dealt With the Lack Mentality

Just when I thought I was so close to mastering the Law of Attraction, I took a couple steps back. I knew it had to do with my thoughts because I would catch myself thinking about what I didn't want as opposed to what I do want. As much as I know that having these thoughts is what kept me in the situation I was in, I couldn't seem to completely snap out of it. It's like I had regressed back to where I was before I started learning about Law of Attraction.

I'm not exactly sure at what moment or what happened that made me revert back to the mentality of lack. It's possible that it may have been a TV show I watched or something I read online.

So I kept doing my same routine, which was listening to subliminal meditations and EFT, but those feelings of lack remained. Lack of money and lack of time became part of my vibration. I experienced short periods of good vibrations and feeling in the flow throughout the day, but it wasn't a steady feeling.

Then I listened to a talk by Derek Rydall last week, and something clicked in my mind. I had an Aha! moment. I had actually listened to him before on a Blogtalk Radio show, but this time what he said completely resonated with me. I have actually heard so many times this idea that "Everything you want is within you," but it didn't actually hit home until then when Derek started talking about it. I thought I knew what that meant before, but I suddenly felt what it meant down to every cell in my body.

It was a gentle reminder that whatever is going on around me in my physical world does not dictate how I should feel. Moreover, I was brought back to my connection with Source (God) and remembering that nobody or nothing has any power over me. The Universe (God) is my Source of abundance and prosperity. I have that power within me because God is within me. When I feel fear, I have given some of that power to somebody or something else.

I can't even begin to explain the relief and joy that I felt when I snapped out of that mentality of lack. For me, the idea of lack of time really had a grip on me. Lack of time meant I couldn't finish projects and all those things on the never ending To Do list, which meant I couldn't get paid...then it led to a lack of money mentality.

I knew that I had to let go and relax, but that lack mentality had a pretty strong grip on me. I thought I had to do, do, do, but it was actually making things worse. Starting this week I took off things on my To Do list because I realized that they could wait. I've relaxed, stayed present, and just enjoyed doing the things that I felt inspired to do. I watched movies like "Moonrise Kingdom" that made me laugh and provided reminders about what is important in this LOVE and being in love...with others and myself.

I'm so grateful that I was able to be consciously aware that I was going down a path I had been before - a path I thought I'd never go down again. What has really helped is thinking this throughout the day: "At this moment, right now, I am joyful and good."

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