How Intuition Guides You To Abundance

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Did you know that your intuition can guide you to having more abundance?

I'm getting better at listening to my gut, or intuition, since I started reading "Tune In: Let Your Intuition Guide You to Fulfillment and Flow", a book by Sonia Choquette that's coming out in September.

For many years now I've known that we have Invisible Helpers who guide us throughout the day - well, at least they try to guide us. These helpers could be our Higher Self, Angels, or The Universe. Often times we're so caught up in what's going on around us or caught up in our rational minds that those voices from our Invisible Helpers get lost in the crowd.

Instead of stopping for a moment to take a breath and do a "gut check", we end up wasting time by rushing around like chickens with our heads cut of.

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought, "I should have gone with my first instinct"? I can probably count on a dozen fingers and toes how many times I've said that exact statement. A couple Fridays ago I went to the Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego for an event. Finding a parking spot on the streets on a Friday night can be quite a challenge. I looked at an area right across the street from the venue I was supposed to be at, and a voice inside me said, "Wait right there." But instead of listening to that voice, I kept driving around. Five minutes later we drove by the area again and there was someone leaving, but someone else was already waiting for the spot.

Lesson learned. Again.

Crazy Ideas Can Turn Into Abundance

From reading "Tune In" I'm also learning to those crazy and outrageous ideas that come to me. In the book, Sonia Choquette says:

Openly and vocally acknowledge all intuitive impulses and respond to every vibe you feel, even the ones that seem "crazy." Don't worry about whether or not your intuition is "right." Instead ask yourself, What feels true for me right now? And go with that. Tune inward and wait for guidance to come from your heart. Quiet your mind enough to hear the answers, and be brave enough to consider them.

This is something I'm working on myself with my business. Some areas of my business have slowed down, which is actually fine because I just finished my book that helps people start an online business on a budget, and I want to focus on getting that book out to all the people who have always wanted to start a business. I also want to build a community of people who help and support each other on this journey into entrepreneurship.

Because certain parts of my business has slowed down, my income has gone down. The rational, practical part of me is saying, "Go out and get more writing clients", but my Spirit says, "Focus on getting your book out and building your online community."

I do feel a little anxious about starting this new chapter in my business, but deep down I'm excited because I know it will be successful. Watching the income drop was a small blow, though.

I am learning that if you want more money and abundance in life, pause every time you need to make a decision regarding your finances. Peel away the fear, anxiety, or frustration, and listen to your heart, or Spirit. Sometimes your heart may say something that isn't practical or the norm, but when you go with what your Spirit says, the doors of opportunities will open up.

So far, a speaking gig opened up for me. I'll keep you updated on what happens next!

Getting Past the Fear and Anxiety

As I mentioned, being able to hear the voice of intuition does require removing all negative energy that surrounds you. For me, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) helped quite a bit. I've talked about EFT before. I actually used this video to tap out stress and anxiety. Watch it below...or click here to watch on YouTube.

What About You?

Do you listen to your intuition when it comes to attracting abundance? When it comes to making decisions about your finances, do you listen to your heart or what you think you "should" do?

By the way, I'll have a full review of Sonia Choquette's book soon. Stay tuned...

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