10 Top Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

Get a Good Night's Sleep

Lack of sleep throws your body out of whack, which can affect your productivity and levels of happiness. If you’ve been reading this blog, you understand that it’s your energy that attracts abundance and prosperity, so here are some simple changes to help you enjoy a good night's sleep and get that good-feeling energy back:

Your bedroom

It is important to make sure the environment in which you sleep is restful and calming, so keep your bedroom dark and quiet. The temperature can also make a difference; if it is too cold you may have difficulty going to sleep and if it is too hot it may cause you to wake up after a short time, so try and find the temperature which is right for you.

A regular bed time

Your body will adapt to the routine of a set bed time and time to get up, so work out when you feel most sleepy and make that the time that you turn in each night. Set your alarm to wake you at the same time every day and a routine should be established within a week or two.

A comfortable bed

A comfortable bed is essential for a good night's sleep. A larger bed that allows you plenty of room to move around can be beneficial, especially if you share your bed. It is important that your mattresses are neither too soft nor too hard and offer good support for the length of your body.

Avoid stimulants

You will fall asleep more easily if you make sure you avoid any stimulants before bedtime. Rather than drinking coffee or tea, which contain caffeine, try a hot milky drink or herbal tea at bedtime instead.


Relaxing before bedtime can help you to sleep well. Sometimes a warm bath can help you get ready for sleep, or listening to peaceful and calming music. Some people swear by a gentle yoga session to help them relax before going to bed.


A regular exercise routine can improve your ability to relax and sleep well, as well as improving your general health, but vigorous exercise close to bedtime should be avoided as it is likely to have the effect of keeping you awake.

Avoid over-indulgence

You may think that alcohol will help you to sleep, but although it may help you to initially fall asleep, drinking too much alcohol is quite likely to cause you to wake up and have trouble going to sleep again. Eating too much, especially rich food, close to bedtime can also cause problems and should also be avoided.


As well as causing people to take longer to fall asleep, smoking can also cause more frequent waking and disrupted sleep. Giving up smoking will improve your health generally.

Plan the next day

If you worry about things you have to do the next day it may be helpful to plan the day ahead before going to bed. If you write down a list of things to do you will not have to worry about them when you are trying to fall asleep.

Try not to worry

There is no point in lying in bed worrying if you cannot sleep. It is better to get up and do something until you start feeling sleepy and relaxed. Then you can return to bed and you should find it easier to fall asleep.

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