Manifest Money: Get In the Abundant Zone

Tony Robbins quote on abundance

How do you feel when you spend money?

One of the key steps to feeling and being abundant is being aware when you’re not in what I call the Abundant Zone. It’s that same Zone that athletes get into when they’re at the top of their game. Nothing can stop them.

While browsing the web, I happened upon a story about Texas’ 2 billion dollar water plan and Prop 6, an initiative that would fund the water plan through the state’s “rainy day fund”. Critics of the plan feel that taking out the money would jeopardize the rainy day fund, but there has been good support from voters who believe the money could easily be replenished.

This is a perfect example of scarcity versus abundant thinking. Critics of the Texas water plan are obviously not in The Zone. As a manifestor of abundance you have to believe that when you spend money, it will flow back to you. Saving money is good, but if it’s there to spend, then why not use it?

One of the things I’m still learning and practicing is that manifesting money and keeping that money flowing is all about how you feel as opposed to how you think or how much action you take.

This idea also applies to being in debt. Regardless if it’s Texas title loans, credit card debt, or owing money to your grandmother, you can’t come from a place of not having enough money. Think of it as someone passing on their abundance to you and you returning that abundance back to them in the future. You change your attitude and mindset about the exchange. It’s no longer about you needing money or owing someone money. Even a small change in thinking will set off more positive vibes and feelings.

When you need money or owe money, you don’t feel abundant, and this is why money is not flowing. Think about it. If you had a billion dollars in the bank right now, the last thing you would be thinking about is how much you need money. Your mind is open to abundant thinking.

So how do you get into this place of feeling abundant?

  • Feel gratitude - It does take practice, but a good place to start is cultivating an attitude of gratitude. This gets you to focus on what you do have instead of what you don’t have. Even if you find a penny on the ground, be grateful for the money that comes from unexpected places.
  • Ignore your debt - I’m not saying don’t pay your debt, but don’t think about it until it’s time to make a payment. Instead of mulling over how much debt you have or how low your credit score is, open up your mind to the infinite ways that abundance can flow into your life, and be grateful for all the ideas that come to you.
  • Daydream - Instead of stressing over the money you need, switch gears and think back to a time when you felt abundant. Get into that feeling of relaxation and relief. Feel the pulse of your body as it feels excited about all the abundance you already have.

When you catch yourself out of The Zone, stop, take a deep breath, and do one of the things I listed above.

How do you get into the Abundant Zone?

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