Have Fun to Attract Money: An Update on the 30 Day Challenge to Reconnect With the Energy of Money

When I started the 30 Day Challenge to reconnect with the energy of money, I looked at it as a fun challenge. I actually haven't done the meditation in over a week, but I have been doing other guided meditations for attracting money about every other day.

After I won the $50 on the lotto scratch off ticket, I started buying more tickets on a regular basis. Interestingly enough, for every five tickets I've bought, I've won at least three times out of the five. I'll win $3 here and there, $5, $10, or a free ticket. I think I've won more in the past couple weeks than I have in the past 20 years of buying scratch of tickets.

I think what has been key to attracting this money is that I've looked at it as just something fun to do. When I go to buy a ticket, I feel excited and have this strong expectation or knowing that I'm going to be a winner. I don't feel the "need" to win the money. I'm pretty sure that's where I'm getting hung up (and everyone else too) when it comes to winning the big lotto games.

And therein lies the real secret to actually attracting all the abundance we've been imagining. Have fun right now! When you have fun, the resistance goes away. Those feelings of struggle and believing you have to "work hard" go away. Let go of the need to have the money. Know that abundance can come in many forms.

For me personally, I'm becoming more open to the idea that the millions of dollars that I've wanted to attract has countless ways of coming to me. I no longer think that winning the lottery is the only way.

Looking over the past month of this challenge, I have noticed a shift in my energy around money. I no longer have negative images or past issues come up when I do the meditation. I've focused more on putting value in my writing projects and being in a place of ease and grace in everything I do. Not that I didn't do these things before, but I just feel more relaxed now than ever before. Finally.

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