5 Things About Manifesting Abundance I Was Reminded Of During a Blackout

Magazine article and my tablet
The power went out unexpectedly in my neighborhood last week, which was annoying because I was on a roll with my writing that day. I was working on a new Chromebook that connects to the home wifi network, so I didn't have access to an offline word processing tool because the battery in my other laptop was not charged . (FYI: That's one of the cons of owning a Chromebook.)

Synchronicity was at work because I had just read an article in Website Magazine titled "Contagiously Optimistic", which offered a reminder to keep on smiling, to change how I look at situations, and to remain in a state of good vibes.

It's interesting how much quieter the world seems when the power goes out. It was pretty peaceful, actually. During this quiet time I was also reminded about a few things about manifesting abundance.

1) Focus on the positive. The blackout was annoying for a minute, but it did give me a break from the writing project I was working on. I actually was able to catch up on some other work that I had wanted to get done but kept putting off.

2) Do something different. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery and be around different energy. Just relax. I decided to go to Jack in the Box (Don't judge me. I was craving it and it's been awhile.) where I met an elderly woman whom I had a nice conversation with. It took my mind off the predicament at home for just a little while.

3) It's only temporary. Whatever issue you are going through - whether it's lack of resources, a breakup, or unemployment - is not going to last forever. Manifesting is a process, and when you know and expect that things will change for the better, the quicker you will attract those things that you want. In my case, I knew the power would come back eventually.

4) There's another path to success. It was inconvenient to be unplugged from the Internet, but during that time I was actually more productive. I was able to write a whole article and then start on this post. I've been wanting to update this blog for awhile now, and being able to focus 100% on writing was exactly what I needed.

5) Enjoy the moment. The sun was beginning to set when the power went out, so I lit up all the candles in the house. It was romantic, and I enjoyed the silence. The aroma of vanilla from one of the candles permeated the air and I was filled with gratitude knowing that I do live in a place that does have electricity.

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